Southern Exterior Designs Replacement Windows in Savannah, Wincore, Simonton, Alcoa, Mastic, Royal Siding

“Transferring the ordinary into the unforgettable...”

Southern Exterior Designs - Windows, Entry Doors and Siding for your home in the Savannah area.

Southern Exterior Designs, Inc.


Southern Exterior Designs, Inc.


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Wincore Entry Doors offer you many benefits.

  1. BulletEnhances the look and value of your home

  1. Energy Star approved to seal one of the biggest leaks in your home

  1. 100% Composite Design for Lifetime warranty as well as pre-finished from the factory for same day installation

We offer many styles and designs that can maintain the look of  your home or change the style and give you a brand new look at the same address! Designer glass packages, french and patio doors, operating and venting side lites also available, completely pre-finished at the factory so they are ready to install today!

French Doors

Patio Doors

Blinds between the Glass

Single Doors

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Combination Units